Welcome to Lulu Tasker Photography

Welcome to the website of Lulu Tasker Photography.  

2014 sees the world yet again changing and people at odds and ends with art and the concept of art.  What is art?  The experts say one thing, the public say another.  And yet so much can be art in the sense that we are drawn to it, moved by it, repelled by it, left thinking about it.  I think it's true that our tastes are all different.  The main thing is that we accept that people have differences of opinion and let that go. Everything is part of the learning.  I like, you don't; you like, I don't.  And sometimes we like together!

I've changed some of my galleries to accommodate my own changing views on how I want things presented.  Hope you can enjoy.

All images are for sale - they can be purchased as unframed or framed prints or as canvasses.  Email me for prices and sizes.  Don't worry - £42.00 doesn't mean £4200 as one man thought at an exhibition last year.  That comment did make my day.