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Spring Fayres and Exhibitions

26th March 2014

Am showing my wares at the Spring Fayre supporting MacMillan Cancer on 3 April in Hempstead, Essex.  Hempstead is the birthplace of Dick Turpin. The venue is a beautiful medieval barn, with a soaring ceiling.   It's bones are I think oak and it's in...

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Cranbrook Art Show - November 2013

12th September 2013

Good news! I am a participating artist at the Cranbrook Art Show, Thursday 7 - Saturday 10 November 2013. Here is website: Here are my particulars: So this is...

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Cross Dressers and Pregnant Divas

31st July 2013

Last Saturday I did a lovely shoot with a good friend who cross dressed for me.  Part of my domestic kink series.  And I also got to photograph a luscious lady who is 5 months pregnant.  The particular image I wanted didn't quite work because wh...

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SEOS - Pop Up Studio - end of first weekend

10th June 2013

Pop up studio was quite a success for me this weekend.  I met some incredible people.  Very interesting, all ages and all so very nice.  Apart from the sweet old couple on Friday who were a bit concerned by some of my images (might offend some, ...

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South East Open Studios - June 2013 - Countdown!

4th June 2013

Three days away from opening my pop up studio for first time.   Friends coming over on Thursday night to calm my nerves with a few Pimms.  Let's hope I'm not still drunk on Friday although perhaps a loss of feeling won't be a bad thing....Off to buy...

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The Enchantment of Trans Gender

15th April 2013

G is a truly entertaining and magnanimous person.  He was delightful to work with, and easy to play with.  Despite his lack of confidence, he turned out to be a natural model, moving and holding poses with nary a flick of his head or a tremble of his...

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Hotel Snaps!

9th April 2013

Had great fun with pAul last night in a hotel room with a four poster bed.  It's all about the photography!  pAul set up his lights and we took turns to shoot each other.  The bathroom shots didn't work as well as I'd hoped but  we can impr...

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Petite V Shoot

7th April 2013

A lovely shoot today with Petite V, a striking Brazilian woman, with a go get attitude to life and busiest person that I have met in a while. We played with the idea of glamour - furs and bling.   With her lovely colouring, the fuschia of the wall and cha...

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